Dangerous and full of champions?

All the best temples are.


Skydome is your gateway to a world like no other. Created by an ancient people whose history has been erased by the sands of time, Skydome is a temple used to mediate conflicts. Its mystery and power attract all those seeking answers. Warriors and wizards. Heroes and villains. Gods and legends.​

From Skydome, warriors are sent to fight armies and monsters across the universe, using their own strategies and skills to dominate the battle arena. They build their own defenses, walls, and death mazes in a unique and powerful towers created by Skydome using a fraction of their own ego. All of them struggle to become a Champion, hoping that Skydome will help them achieve what their hearts and souls truly desire.​

Discover YOUR desires in this epic, MOBA tower-defense experience.

Crush waves of Monsters as a Team


4x4 is the way to play! Assemble a team of skilled heroes and build walls and defensive towers to defeat waves of enemies while completing side objectives in the jungle. Recruit trusted friends or make new allies along the way.

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Do what it takes to become the ultimate Champion

  • Immersive, isometric 3D action fills your every turn. Develop your strategy and use your hero’s skills to attack and defend.

  • With their own exclusive towers and special skills, no two champions are alike. Learn to battle like only they can to crush enemies and climb your way to the top.

  • Why make plans when you can ruin your enemy’s? Use intervention skills to sabotage your opponent’s strategy.

  • Their skills and your brains x 4! YOU and YOUR friends can form a team destined to outsmart and outbattle in this match of wits.

  • Make use of defeated monsters and have them invade enemy territories.


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