Team-based action-tower defense in development for PCs

Towers in the defense, interventions on the attack and troops everywhere!

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To the Skydome!

Inside the two identical and separated arenas in floating islands in the sky, the tribes of the world battle for supremacy. The winner amasses much more than riches and glory, being capable of using Skydome's mysterious power to influence the world according to its view. Those brave enough to participate, must gather an ensemble of its most capable and skilled champions to represent itself in battle.


Beyond controlling a character like a fast-paced action game, players also use tower defense elements. Not only to defend, but also to attack!


Skydome is a team based online multiplayer game in development for computers. Every match is made up of two teams of four players each!

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This game is being developed by Kinship Entertainment, we're an independent game studio based in São Paulo, Brazil

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