A multiplayer, action-strategy, tower defense game for PC's

Choose your champion and battle alongside teammates to conquer the Skydome

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To the Skydome!

Inside the beautiful arena located in the floating archipelago in the sky, nations and tribes of the world can battle against one another for global supremacy. The winner amasses much more than riches and glory, being capable of using the Skydome's mysterious power to influence the world according to its view. The kingdoms brave enough to participate, must gather an ensemble of its most capable and skilled champions to represent itself.

Gather your friends!

This is an online multiplayer game for computers, in the Skydome two teams of four players battle against one another. You'll need to work as a team if you want to stand a chance in keeping control of your field, properly defending your artifact and swiftly taking out your foes'!

Get your strategies straight!

Summon and send an army of minions into the enemy field to conquer their artifact. While also making sure to defend yours from impending waves of deadly creatures. Choose which kind of creatures and where to deploy them to better counter the opposing team!

Check out our BGS '16 pre-alpha gameplay build!

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This game is being developed by Kinship Entertainment, we're an independent game studio based in São Paulo, Brazil

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